Blue Heeler Size Guide How Big Do Blue Heelers Get

In this Blue Heeler size guide, we’ll be discussing everything there is to know about the size and growth patterns of Blue Heeler puppies. You’ll also get to try our interactive Blue Heeler size chart and growth calculator to predict your puppy’s full-grown size. Let’s dig in!

Blue Heeler
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Our handy interactive puppy growth chart and calculator takes all the hard work out of predicting your puppy’s potential adult size. This helps you to know exactly what you are in for.

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Blue Heeler aka the Australian Cattle Dog is a joyful pup whose energy is hard to match. That’s no surprise, as Blue Heelers are related to the wild Australian Dingo. This pup is happiest when you keep them busy. So, you can be sure that your pal will join you on any adventure. 

What makes Blue Heeler especially great is their fierce loyalty and complete adoration towards their humans. They are intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please.

If your heart is set on a Blue Heeler puppy, you might be wondering about their potential adult size. Luckily, we’ll be answering all of your questions and give you some tips and tricks how you can guesstimate your puppy’s full-grown size. 

Blue Heeler Size By Age Predictions

So how big do Blue Heelers get? The age old question every (future) dog owner wants to know. Blue Heeler is a medium sized dog breed with a muscular, yet compact build. Although not too big in size, their super fit body composition gives them the extra strength and endurance. Think of lots of playtime, exercise, hikes, and jogs!

Blue Heeler’s full-grown weight usually sits between 35 to 50 pounds, and they’re 17 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder. Of course, some dogs might be slightly bigger or smaller than the breed average. That’s completely normal!

Your Blue Heeler puppy’s size is determined by a variety of factors. Mainly, their genetic makeup and how big their parents are. Additionally, their diet and how much they exercise in puppyhood also plays a role in their adult size. 

Blue Heeler
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Speaking of which, all dogs need the correct amount of food based on their size and weight. What’s especially important to note is that puppies need more energy and nutrients while growing up. As their bones and muscles are still developing, make sure you give your puppy plenty of high quality puppy food to support their growth.

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If you’d like to get more specific, we recommend you look at the size of your puppy’s parents. If the parent pups are on the larger end of the scale, you can expect your puppy to grow into a larger Blue Heeler as well.

On the other hand, if you’ve adopted your Blue Heeler puppy from a shelter, there are a few other ways you can predict your puppy’s full-grown size. We’ll be covering that in a moment… 

Are There Different Sizes Of Blue Heeler?

Although the Blue Heeler comes in one standard size, there can naturally be some fluctuation. For instance, full-grown Blue Heeler females usually run a bit smaller than male dogs. Males typically stand at 18 to 20 inches tall from the shoulder, whereas girl pups will grow to about 17 to 19 inches in height. 

Blue Heeler
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Let’s have a look at an average Blue Heeler size chart for males and females:

Male Blue HeelerFemale Blue Heeler
Weight40-50 pounds35-45 pounds
Height18-20 inches17-19 inches
When Full-Grown?12-18 months12-18 months

*A dog’s height is measured from their withers also known as shoulder blades.

Although you might have heard something about Mini Blue Heelers, please be aware of such promises from any breeder. Irresponsible breeders use unethical ways to produce ‘Mini’ Blue Heelers. Typically, by mixing two runts. However, runt puppies are at a much higher risk of developing health problems and experiencing issues with their quality of life. 

If you decide to adopt your Blue Heeler puppy from a breeder, make sure to do your research beforehand.  

Blue Heeler Size Charts & Growth Patterns – Month Wise 

Medium sized dog breeds like the Blue Heeler tend to do most of the growing in their first 6 months of life. You can expect your Blue Heeler puppy to reach their full height somewhere between 9 to 11 months of age. 

However, it will take a few more months for your pup to reach their adult weight – this typically happens around the time they’re 12 to 18 months old. Furthermore, thanks to their muscular build, some Blue Heelers will continue to grow and gain weight up until 2 years! 

Additionally, this is why it’s particularly important that your Blue Heeler puppy gets the correct nourishment he needs to grow that adorable little body into a healthy adult one. Check out these guides on best dog food for puppies here.

Here’s a typical Blue Heeler puppy size chart by age:

Age3 months6 months9 months12-18 months
Weight14 pounds25 pounds30 pounds40 pounds
Height11 inches14 inches18 inches19 inches

Although all dogs go through similar growth phases, we have to remember that all pups are unique and will experience their growth slightly differently. 

If you’d like to predict your Blue Heeler puppy’s adult size, try our interactive Blue Heeler puppy size chart and growth calculator!

How Big Is A Full Grown Blue Heeler?

Typically, a full-grown Blue Heeler weighs between 35 to 50 pounds. Their average height is between 17 to 20 inches measured from the shoulders. Male Blue Heelers can be slightly larger than females. 

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Keep in mind that your Blue Heeler’s full-grown size also depends on factors like how big their parents are, their diet, and also how much they exercise.

You can calculate their potential adult weight at 23 weeks by taking what they weigh at that age and multiplying it by two.

A different formula you could use is:

  1. Growth = current weight / current age in weeks
  2. Adult weight = Growth x 52 (number of weeks in one year)

So, for example, if your 12-week old pup weighs 18 pounds. You simply divide the current weight by their age in weeks and multiply the result with 52:

18/ 12 = 1.5
1.5 x 52= 78 pounds

78 pounds would be the expected weight of your adult-sized Blue Heeler.

If you’ve already adopted a baby Blue Heeler, make sure to try our interactive Blue Heeler size chart and puppy growth calculator to predict and track your puppy’s weight!

Is A Blue Heeler Considered A Large Breed?

Blue Heelers are considered medium sized dogs. Although they have a muscular build, they are not actually large dogs. They just happen to pack a lot of muscle in a smaller frame than many other breeds in that height category. 

Additionally, as Blue Heelers tend to be super active dogs, they will most likely thrive in a more spacious household. This ensures your pup gets to play and run as much as necessary for their health and wellbeing. 

We hope you’ve learned some useful information from our Blue Heeler size guide, which can help you prepare for a joyous life with this adorable little ball of energy. Of course, don’t forget to try our puppy growth calculator to track your pup’s growth and predict their adult size! 

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