Pembroke Welsh Corgi Size Guide_ Size Chart & Growth Calculator

In this Pembroke Welsh Corgi size guide, we will answer all of your questions about the size of this adorable little pup. Additionally, you can try our interactive puppy growth chart and calculator to predict and track your dog’s full-grown size. Let’s get started!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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Our handy interactive puppy growth chart and calculator takes all the hard work out of predicting your puppy’s potential adult size. This helps you to know exactly what you are in for.

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Famous for its low height and long body, Pembroke Welsh Corgi has become one of the most popular dog breeds. They look absolutely adorable and make the best buddies ever! Not only do they look cute, they love playtime and cuddles with the family.

Even though small in size, Pembroke Welsh Corgis have big personalities. They do have a tenacious streak and might get a little stubborn from time to time. However, if you provide them lots of attention and affection, you’ll have the most perfect little companion for many-many years.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Size By Age Predictions

So let’s get into the details. How big is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s full-grown size? They are considered small to medium sized dogs. The average Pembroke Welsh Corgi full-grown weight is usually around 22 to 30 pounds. They stand only 10 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder. But they do make up for it with long bodies!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Photo by Peter Pryharski on Unsplash

Let’s take a look at the typical Pembroke Welsh Corgi size predictions:

Age3 months6 months9 months12-14 months
Weight9-14 pounds17-23 pounds20-28 pounds22-30 pounds
Height4-6 inches7-9 inches10-12 inches10-12 inches

*A dog’s height is measured at their shoulder blades a.k.a the withers, not from the top of its head. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Size Charts & Growth Patterns – Month Wise 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis usually experience a rapid growth phase in the first 6 months of their life. Typically, they reach their full height around the time they’re 9 months old. By that time, they’ve also reached most of their adult weight. 

Based on that, we can predict that a Pembroke Welsh Corgi will reach half of its adult weight around the time they’re 4 to 5 months old. However, Pembroke Welsh Corgis continue to fill up until they’re around 14 months old. Some bigger pups might take even a bit longer, as smaller sized dogs usually grow faster. 

Additionally, this is why it’s particularly important that your Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy gets the correct nourishment he needs to grow that adorable little body into a healthy adult one. Check out these guides on best dog food for puppies here.

Understandably, doing all the calculations and guesswork can be a tedious task. That’s why we’ve created a Pembroke Welsh Corgi size chart and growth calculator that you can use to predict your puppy’s adult size. 

Although we can never predict a dog’s size with 100% accuracy, puppies usually do follow roughly the same growth patterns. Plus, it’s a fun way to understand what to expect once your puppy is fully-grown!

Tracking your puppy’s growth and development helps you notice any weight problems. Pembroke Welsh Corgis can become overweight if not fed properly, so make sure you keep an eye on your pup’s weight to keep them healthy and happy! Here you can read more about how much you should feed a puppy

Are There Different Sizes Of Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

A standard full-grown Pembroke Welsh Corgi is usually in the weight range of 22 to 30 pounds. However, male Pembroke Welsh Corgis tend to be slightly bigger than the females. By the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard, males should weigh no more than 30 pounds, and females should weigh up to 28 pounds.

Of course, a puppy Corgi’s size can be affected by quite a few factors. For instance, their parents’ size, how much food they eat, and how much they exercise. As Pembroke Welsh Corgis are prone to obesity, it’s important that your puppy gets the right amount of nutritious and healthy food, and plenty of exercise daily. Not only is this essential for your puppy’s proper development and growth, it also helps to minimize health concerns later on in adulthood.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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On the other hand, keep in mind that puppies do need more nutrient and energy dense food than full-grown dogs. We always recommend feeding puppies specially formulated puppy food, which helps them grow into healthy adults. 

In addition, there’s also the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who looks much alike Pembroke Welsh Corgi. However, there are a few differences between these two very similar Corgis. Most notably, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a little bit bigger, as they can weigh up to 38 pounds, whereas the average Pembroke Welsh Corgi size is up to 30 pounds.

Here you can see the size difference between Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi:

Pembroke Welsh CorgiCardigan Welsh Corgi
Weight22-30 pounds25-38 pounds
Height10-12 inches10.5-12.5 inches

How Big Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis Get?

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s height is between 10 to 12 inches from the withers, so they generally look small. On the other hand, they have longer bodies set on short legs, which gives them the additional size. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Photo by Brandon Cormier on Unsplash

Usually, female Pembroke Welsh Corgis weigh around 22 to 28 pounds when fully-grown. Males tend to run a bit bigger, as their adult weight ranges between 24 to 30 pounds. 

You can calculate their potential adult weight at 23 weeks by taking what they weigh at that age and multiplying it by two.

A different formula you could use is:

  1. Growth = current weight / current age in weeks
  2. Adult weight = Growth x 52 (number of weeks in one year)

So, for example, if your 12-week old pup weighs 18 pounds. You simply divide the current weight by their age in weeks and multiply the result with 52:

18/ 12 = 1.5
1.5 x 52= 78 pounds

78 pounds would be the expected weight of your adult-sized Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

If you’re adopting a puppy from a breeder, you can ask them about the sizes of the parent pups and how big the puppies usually are. They will surely have insights to share with you.

How Long Is A Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s length is probably one of the most prominent features that pup has. Compared to their height, this breed has a relatively long body. On average, the body length of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi adult is around 22 to 26 inches. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are popular for a good reason. They’re small in size, but with great personalities. One thing’s for sure – you’ll never be bored with this little guy in your family. Whether it’s for playtime or cuddles, your Pembroke Welsh Corgi will adore you for a lifetime.

We hope you find our Pembroke Welsh Corgi size guide and puppy growth calculator helpful in understanding their size and growth. 

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